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Rick O’Shea

Rick O’Shea. Born in Wales, raised in England and of Irish ancestry… three countries he wasn’t good enough to play for! However, this very ordinary player tells a very extraordinary story.

His mother’s nickname for him is LFB. Luck Fat… you can guess the rest! You discover how he earned such a title through a convoluted story that’s resulted in Rick bringing the banter, humour and bustle of rugby terraces into Welsh living rooms for the last ten years.

The LFB is very honest, revealing how he’s been haunted by fears of perennial underachievement both on and off the pitch, until, that is, he became a father and qualified as a doctor in his 40s. For the first time, he began to realise the “big match potential” an old headmaster had spotted.

In an unusual, colourful and humorous story, we visit Cornwall where Rick grew up, Australia, where his father lives, and go back and forth to Wales and many points in between. The journey, like this book, is what you might imagine, plus a whole lot more!

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