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A Healthier Nation

Obesity and Diabetes are on the rise in Wales with many modern day children more interested in how good their computer skills are than what they can achieve physically themselves.  This website exists to promote, encourage and advise on a range of health and fitness topics. The ultimate aim is to inspire a healthier Welsh nation.

To be successful in sport, careers and life it takes a constant desire to improve and learn, by doing it, you will reach all your sports and fitness goals.

Inside Welsh Sport is here to help you become successful in your sporting life by offering local news stories and mentoring through to a series of unique interviews from inspiring sports or Welsh related people, who all display exceptional self-belief, mental toughness and desire to achieve.

They inspire and educate others by sharing their understanding of sport, learning techniques, successful management styles, mental skill development and self-motivation methods – everything you need to become successful in your own sporting life.






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