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Exclusive Katherine Jenkins Interview

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Below is an old interview we did with Katherine Jenkins, still an interesting read….


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Being from such a successful rugby area as Neath in the 1980/90s, were you much of a sporting youngster or was it always music for you?

I’d love to tell you that I was really sporty as a child but I wasn’t! I was involved in a lot of dance things, competing in the Urdd etc. Having said that I have always been a rugby fan, supporting the school team, Bryncoch and Neath.

Being an avid Swansea City FC supporter, you must be very pleased at the clubs progress over the last 5 years?

I don’t know where this came from – someone put this on Wikipedia and it’s been following me ever since! I will always support my home team but I’m afraid to say that I’m not much of a football fan. It has always been rugby for me.

Congratulations on a fantastic performance at this years Ashes at Sophia Gardens, how did the atmosphere singing for a cricket crowd compare to singing for a rugby crowd?

I had never been to a cricket match before and there was lovely atmosphere in the crowd, helped I think by the glorious sunshine. I would like to have stayed to enjoy the whole day but I had a concert In Henley that night – hopefully another time!

You have given spectators “goose bump” moments whilst singing at many sporting events throughout the world, is there one game/event that stands out as being “extra special” to you?

I think it would be any time I have sung in the Millennium Stadium. I feel so proud and close to tears. I have been lucky to sing at most of the stadiums across the UK and I still think that the Millennium has the best atmosphere… When the roof is on it can be electric in there.

Whether it be music or sport what is the main element do you think that gives Wales that special “passion” like nowhere else?

I think we are all incredibly patriotic & proud of where we come from. No matter what field, I think we are thrilled to see someone from Wales having success and therefore give them all our support.

Will you be singing at any of Wales’ Six Nations games this coming season?

I would love to but the stadium has adopted a policy of having choirs sing the anthems now, which I understand. I feel very lucky to have been able to sing there so many times already.

Your new album “Believe” is excellent and is a real pioneering album for classical music, do you have any concert dates in Wales coming up?

Yes, I will be performing at the CIA on 15th & 16th March. I’m so excited as I have Kim Gavin (Take That) choreographing the show so it will be far more of a theatrical production than I’ve ever done before.

Many of our younger readers have been inspired by your achievements and have ambitions of achieving success in their chosen field and we as a magazine hope to assist with this in a sporting capacity. What advice would you give them on “getting to the top”?

Believe in yourself and put the hard work in. A lot of this is about luck but you have to be prepared for when the opportunity presents itself.

And last of all; do you have an all time favourite Welsh sporting star?

Ieuen Evans…. Brilliant athlete and lovely, lovely man

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