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Adidas Mundial Astro Turf Trainers

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Adidas Mundial Team Mens Astro Turf Trainers



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Adidas Mundial Astro Turf Trainers…  Adidas Mundial Team Mens Astro Turf Trainers is an astro turf version of the classic Mundial boot. The upper of the boot is made from Kangaroo-Leather making it extremely soft and comfortable.

This boot is now seen as part of the heritage and classic range from Adidas that has been one of the favourites of 5-a-side players over the last couple of decades. With its classic and unspoilt look along with it’s top of the range performance, it can really take your astro game to the next level!


Despite the fact that there are many fancy colours and styles of boots now these are still one of the most comfortable and quality boots around. If you are a lover of 80s or 90s football then these are the retro classics for you.

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Adidas Football History

Who would have thought that screw-in-studs on lightweight football boots would help write history? When the German national football team faced the unbeatable Hungarians in the 1954 World Cup final, they won so much more than just a trophy. Their unbelievable victory would be heard around the world for decades to come. And it made adidas and its founder a household name on football pitches everywhere..

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