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Why Specialist Sports Insurance Is Essential

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Why Specialist Sports Insurance Is Essential

Sports insurance provider Insure4Sport explains why you need specialist sports insurance.

Whatever sport you play, there’s always a chance something could go wrong. At Insure4Sport, we cover over 70 different sports in Wales – and have received some interesting claims over the last couple of years.

From torn ligaments to the loss of reading glasses, you’d be amazed how many unexpected accidents we’ve covered, and how many sports present risk.

Whether you accidentally cause injury or damage, suffer an injury yourself or your equipment is lost, damaged or stolen, it’s essential to protect yourself with specialist sports insurance. Here’s why…

Cover against third party injury and property damage

Injury and damage are genuine risks when you play sport, no matter how careful you are.

Take football as an example – nearly 10% of our Welsh policyholders play football. During a match, you can accidentally injure an opposition player in a tackle and they could claim compensation from you. You could also take a shot which ends up damaging someone’s vehicle or property and have to fork out big sums for repairs.

Instances like these are why Public Liability is vital if you participate in events that could either injure third parties or cause property damage. In a nutshell, Public Liability protects your legal accountability if you injure another person or damage third party property when playing, coaching or instructing. Insure4Sport offers up Public Liability for over 200 sports and, as part of our Public Liability offering, we provide free Professional Indemnity cover to protect you from claims made following advice you’ve given.

Compensation if you injure yourself

It’s not just injury to someone else that you need to think about as a sportsperson. During a match or training session, you could suffer an injury that puts you out of action for a sustained period, meaning you’re unable to work for longer than you can afford with a physiotherapy to pay for.

Amateur boxing, one of the popular sports we cover in Wales, presents a clear risk of injury. One punch to the face could leave you with a dislodged or missing tooth, or give you concussion in the most extreme cases.

Just recently, we received a claim from a policyholder in Wrexham who dislocated their shoulder playing football. Depending on their severity, injuries like these can take months to recover fully from and require extensive physiotherapy.

If you get such injuries, you need Personal Accident cover. This compensates you if you break a bone, need physiotherapy or require dental treatment for your injuries. Insure4Sport provide Personal Accident cover for the above, as well as Loss of Earnings cover for up to 52 weeks if you’re unable to work because of your injuries.

Equipment cover

As well as holding a certain sentimental value, sports equipment can be expensive – and losing it can be devastating, as Saltney Town Football Club in Flintshire discovered when £1,000 worth of items belonging to them were stolen by thieves.

Theft isn’t the only threat to your equipment, though – it could also be accidentally damaged or lost. For peace of mind, it’s important to have Equipment cover so that you’re covered if your sports equipment is stolen, lost, or damaged and don’t have to fork out big sums for repairs or replacements.

Insure4Sport’s Equipment cover safeguards your equipment, whether you’re at home or out and about. What’s more, we’ll even cover the replacement of your insured equipment on a New-for-Old basis if it’s less than a year old and was purchased new.

Hopefully, the above examples give you some indication as to why specialist sports insurance is so important for sportspeople across a wide variety of sports. To find out more, visit www.insure4sport.co.uk.

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